VOSK is a multidisciplinary team with a strong focus on meaningful design. We build valuable concepts for brands that want to live in this chaotic world for a long time. We absorb the meanings of the outside world, combine, reorder, compile and find the right one for your audience.

To develop a shared vision and synchronize our perspectives, we begin with an in-depth analysis of your business model. In a series of interactive workshops, we delve into the team’s processes, identify challenges at each stage, and explore how the target audience engages with the product and brand. This helps us form a cohesive understanding of the ultimate goal we are striving to achieve.

Research is at the heart of our collective mindset. We engage in design to spend most of our time exploring the world’s interconnections and influences, its manifestations. Being a designer gives you the legitimate opportunity to study intriguing subjects from any industry, to draw inspiration, and to cultivate a comprehensive ‘helicopter view’.

The first embodiment of future changes, shaped in our strategy, comes to life. Based on the strategy, we gather several key ideas and present them through a collection of references and pivotal associations. Then, we create a design concept and scale it across all brand touchpoints.

Every idea necessitates thorough development. This process strengthens the concept, establishes its boundaries, and prepares it for its debut in the outside world. The implementation phase involves modeling design processes within the team as well. Here, we assemble a prospective backlog and create potential usage scenarios for the product or brand.

When we create brands, we’re essentially writing stories that merit being heard loud and clear. At this phase, our role is to add the final flourish, ensuring your story captivates and impresses your audience. This could take the form of a showreel or even an event celebrating the redesign. Let’s collaborate to find the ideal platform for your brand’s new narrative.

We believe that adopting an ecosystem approach is key to holistically addressing our clients’ design needs. To offer a comprehensive suite of services, we’ve enhanced our expertise in digital design. Our focus is on exploring unique web solutions, treating website design not just as a task, but as a creative endeavor aimed at bringing innovation to every project.