Infra Fiber — Technology — Digital

Infra Fiber is researching cutting-edge carbon materials and has developed and patented its own production method for long carbon nanotubes. Our goal was to figure out a way for potential clients to make their process of finding required information as intuitive as possible. Due to the complexity of the industry and the amount of information that must be listed on the website, there was no simple solution to that problem.

Based on research results and various experiments on compositional front we came up with a way to showcase all important aspects of Infra Fiber through interactive map. It consists of all industries where their applications may be used in a structured manner and doesn’t overwhelm viewers with too much information, but yet gives access to all details as needed.

To add more clarity to a given information we created custom icons to all 12 applications that are using a simple module pattern that helps to keep them legible at all sizes. 3D renders were made as part of overall Infra Fiber vision with inner creative direction specifically for a website.


Denis Valetin (Design & Art Direction)
German Zhevmerev (Case)
Alex Bazan (Client Success Managment)
Valery Yaremenko (3D)
Alena Khudyakova (Generative Art)

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