G8 — Festival — Brand Identity, AI

G8 is an independent festival of the creative industries, orchestrated by REDKEDS agency. Every year, the team engages various partners to craft a unique identity, providing a platform for design studios and independent experts to express themselves.

Our aim was to create something simple, quick, and uncomplicated. Not trash-design, but something a bit rough, casual, and easy to work with. We delved into the semantics of ‘unboxing’ and realized it’s about ‘release’. But to release something, you need to package it first. This led us to the metaphor of a box or packaging. We decided to playfully critique the era we live in—marketers and creative designers flocking to the festival to sell themselves. It’s a kind of hypocrisy. It reminded us of “Vanity Fair”. In truth, any festival is about this: people come to flaunt their ego, literally packaging themselves in their work to market themselves.

Packaging can be done in many ways, but we settled on vacuum packaging. We thought about neural networks, which now can amazingly transform photographs into 3D, including normal maps. We took this idea and merged it with our trash-3D approach. The result is a tool where a photograph is uploaded, any object in the photo is automatically cut out, and one can manipulate the volume, materials, angles, and add additional elements on top of the object. In our case, these are labels.


Vasilii Podriadchikov (art direction & brand design)
Alex Bazan (art direction & brand design)
Vlad Md Golam (creative coding, AI tool)
Alexandra Korbankova (brand design)
Alex Kovalevsky (3d artist)

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