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We collaborated with IND Architecture to create a visually striking website showcasing their exceptional portfolio. With over 15 years of experience in the field, IND Architecture’s commitment to creativity and excellence is evident in every project they undertake.

Our goal in designing the website for IND Architecture was to provide visitors with an immersive and seamless viewing experience, allowing them to explore the breadth and depth of IND’s work effortlessly. To achieve this, we implemented a multi-layered approach to the website’s layout:

1. Grid View: Users can explore multiple projects at once, gaining a comprehensive overview.
2. Fullscreen View: Offering a closer look, users can appreciate the details of each project.

By incorporating transitions between these modes with a simple click, we ensure a smooth and intuitive browsing experience that aligns with IND Architecture’s forward-thinking approach.

In addition to highlighting the visual aspects of IND Architecture’s projects, we also focused on presenting essential information in a clear and concise manner. Through careful analysis, we identified that clients prefer succinct yet informative content that emphasizes the quality of IND Architecture’s work. As such, we developed a design solution that extends the screen beyond its visible limits, allowing for the seamless presentation of key project details while keeping additional content readily accessible.

The Bureau page of the website provides further insight into IND Architecture, featuring essential information such as contact details and company profiles.

By clicking anywhere on the screen, users can access detailed company information, including a list of team members and awards. In contrast to other pages, the Bureau page features a third layer, providing access to partner bios and award descriptions through appropriate links. Each transition to a new layer highlights the flexibility of IND’s approach.

As IND experiences rapid expansion and seeks new team members worldwide, the Careers page serves as a platform to find suitable job positions in desired locations and to read job descriptions. Designed with a simple layout consistent with the rest of the website, this page prioritizes functionality over accent features like multi-layers. Instead, we have incorporated a hover effect on job positions, enhancing the page’s interactivity and user experience.


Denis Valetin (Digital Design)
Vlad Danilchenko (Front-end)
Pavel Danilchenko (Back-end)
Sasha Bazan (Client Success Management)
Julia Peretiagina (Project Management)
German Zhevmerev (Behance Project Design)
Vasilii Podriadchikov (concept direction)

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