Design AID — Interior Design — Brand Identity, Strategy

Design Aid is an interdisciplinary studio and creative agency that crafts bespoke projects from sketches to realization. The studio works with retail spaces, hotels, restaurants, and designs private interiors. Design Aid specializes in creating “interactive spaces”, offering a full artistic service from architecture and design to visual identity. It aims for a perfect synthesis of ethics, aesthetics, passion, and cultural context.

Brand’s identity is based on qualities such as ambiguity, imperfection, incompleteness, and the pursuit of form. The team does not seek to be understood outright. Their goal is to collaboratively shape a statement that becomes an extension of their identity. In this vein, we created a font that meets these parameters, inspired by lettering observed in Notre-Dame de Paris.

The font was used to spell the word ‘Sacristie’, which translates to ‘sacristy’ — a room for storing priestly vestments. This font, a blend of grotesque and serif elements, captures various epochs with its whimsical and romantic letterforms. The overall feel of the font and identity exudes incompleteness, mystery, and a peculiar charm inherent to the spirit of the brand.

One of the key attributes of identity is its variability and the diversity of visual language. We have devised a system of symbols based on typography. These symbols can be employed both in the design of communication materials and transformed into small sculptures cast in metal, which Design Aid professionals can incorporate as subtle yet impactful embellishments within the crafted interiors of their clients.

We also utilized Midjourney to craft graphics for the branding merchandise. Leveraging our visual experiments and findings, we iteratively generated images. It was paramount for us to ensure that while the visual language remained diverse, it conveyed a cohesive image amidst its variety.


Vasilii Podriadchikov (creative direction & brand design)
Misha Derichenko (brand design)
Denis Valetin (web design)
Alex Bazan (client success management)
Jenya Andreeva (project management)
Lena Kalachova (motion design)

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