Design AID — Interior Design — Digital

Design Aid is an interdisciplinary studio and creative agency that crafts bespoke projects from sketches to realization. The studio works with retail spaces, hotels, restaurants, and designs private interiors. Design Aid specializes in creating “interactive spaces”, offering a full artistic service from architecture and design to visual identity. It aims for a perfect synthesis of ethics, aesthetics, passion, and cultural context.

Brand’s identity is based on qualities such as ambiguity, imperfection, incompleteness, and the pursuit of form. The team does not seek to be understood outright. Their goal is to collaboratively shape a statement that becomes an extension of their identity.


Vasilii Podriadchikov (creative direction)
Denis Valetin (web design)
Misha Derichenko (brand design)
Vlad Danilchenko (Front-end)
Pavel Danilchenko (Back-end)
Alex Bazan (client success management)
Jenya Andreeva (project management)
Lena Kalachova (motion design)

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