Boxmate — Hospitality — Brand Identity, Digital

Boxmate is a brand of modular country homes from St. Petersburg. The team is dedicated to overcoming the limitations of technology, continually evolving in design and architecture. The brand’s goal is to create homes where you can live beautifully.

The project’s identity is based on the archetype of ‘the innocent’, with qualities like lightness, naivety, simplicity, and playfulness forming its foundation. A tag is one of the key elements of the branding. This type of tag, often found on clothing, is associated with something that can be easily taken along, akin to the modular homes which can be swiftly transported to any location. The brand’s key emotional qualities are also expressed in its color scheme, typography, graphics, and composition. The modular structure conveys a sense of reliability and precision.


Vasilii Podriadchikov (art direction & brand design)
Misha Derichenko (brand design)
Alex Bazan (client success management)
Jenya Andreeva (project management)
Sasha Solncev (motion design)

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