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AttoLabs is a software development and IT consulting company with a broad range of expertise spanning industries such as banking, logistics, education, and more. Due to their ongoing expansion, they enlisted our assistance to conceptualize and visualize their next phase of evolution.

Objective: Develop a website for AttoLabs that highlights their sophisticated and high-tech solutions. The site should appeal both to their clients and to potential hires—talented developers from around the world looking to work at top IT firms.
Strategy: Armed with a comprehensive brand platform, findings from our numerous workshops revealed that AttoLabs aims to highlight their unique, almost alien-like vision and methodology, supported by years of industry expertise. Communication is another crucial element they wanted to focus on, as it plays a significant role in their successful case studies.

Solution: We crafted a multi-page website that fully captures the complexity and depth of AttoLabs’ projects, utilizing a dynamic design that responds to user interactions. Each screen delivers essential information, while also making it easy for potential clients to request a callback.

Our layout design features distinct sections or “portals” on the screen, where images are overlaid to create a sense of depth and two-dimensional space. On the homepage, we incorporate code snippets representing the underlying processes driving the company’s product development. This immersive approach visually communicates the complexity and innovation behind Attolabs’ products, offering a glimpse into their technological prowess and creative process.

To enhance custom communication with potential clients, we’ve implemented a dual-button solution featuring a primary Call to Action (CTA) alongside a link to a critical projects page. The CTA dynamically changes as users scroll and as content shifts across the entire screen. Meanwhile, the button remains anchored to the bottom of the screen, allowing users to swiftly navigate to and fill out the contact form. This design ensures that engaging and important options are always within easy reach, enhancing user experience and facilitating immediate action.

Since AttoLabs is an international company, multilingual support was a crucial feature for their website. We designed both the website and its content management system (CMS) to ensure that layout principles and overall stylistic choices are preserved across all languages. Additionally, the robust CMS allows for management of every content block on the site, empowering the client’s in-house team to independently maintain and scale our solution.

A specific task was to develop the HR pages of the website with integration of the Personio HR CRM system. We added a user-friendly filtering feature that covers all job parameters, integrated Personio, and provided users with the ability to quickly and easily find the positions they are looking for.

Art Direction by Denis Valetin
Design by Denis Dobrovolsky
Client Success Management by Julia Peretiagina & Alex Bazan
Project Management by Jenya Andreeva

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